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Google Fiber for A different kind of Internet

Google, world leader in search engine now turned into a TV and internet service provider.

“Google Fiber starts at a speed 100 times faster than most Americans have today,” Milo Medin, vice president of access services at Google, said at the Fiber event today in Kansas City.

According to Google, the connection will run at 1,000Mb per second — much faster than Verizon’s 300Mb-per-second FIOS service, which is also fiber based. Fiber-optic connections provide much faster speeds than DSL and cable.

The faster Internet connection will enable faster web surfing, video streaming, and uploading; downloading a movie will take just a few minutes. Google’s Network Box, a box it will provide to customers, will serve as a hub for the service in houses, but it will also require special installation to get the hook-up. The box is also a Wi-Fi router and has four Ethernet ports

For more details visit official website of Google Fiber.

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Memory management in Microsoft dotnet (.Net)

Hello everyone,
Today I came across a good resource on memory management in Microsoft .Net, so I would like to share this with all..

on website of Red-gate I found some videos, click here to see them.