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You are where you’re supposed to be?


Yesterday I read below line somewhere on internet and a thought process triggered in my mind.

You are where you’re supposed to be at this very moment. Every experience is part of God’s divine plan

Most of us will believe that the statement is true however I know few people who denied to agree with this. Does it mean that they don’t believe in the GOD? May be not. They are just not happy with their state of life.

According to me life gives you what you chose, sometime knowingly sometime in disguise. If your decision worked out well in your favor then you will be happy to accept the divine plan of the GOD. What would you do in the other case? Supposed every decision happened to you ended up in a failure to achieve the purpose, will you still believe that it is GOD’s blessings to you?

As a human being, we tend to find excuses. When we could not achieve what we have anticipated we start looking for someone to blame. Instead of taking responsibility of our deeds and correct it, we satisfy ourselves by pointing out other for our failures or our less accomplishments. GOD is not excluded here too, he must be the most blamed person in the whole universe.

I believe that we are responsible for our situation (good or bad), our decisions play the major role in our happiness or sadness. One should make a choice wisely so that he or she does not need to blame anyone. Choose your option wisely. The outcome will anyways depend on your Myth, Karma, Destiny or may be merely a coincident, isn’t it?

Please leave your thoughts below in comment area. Until the next thought take care.



A Project manager, technology enthusiastic, Microsoft developer and father who has just started sharing his thoughts and experience through this blog.

4 thoughts on “You are where you’re supposed to be?

  1. Really nice thought. Keep it up. This kind of things really help to get inner peace. So best wishes and hoping in future will have some more couple of this kind of article. 🙂

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