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Hats off to DEEPA MALIK

I recently read about this person who has created a record by becoming the first Indian woman to clinch a Paralympic medal, Deepa Malik. I read about her to know more about her spectacular journey and I am totally flat after knowing about her achievements.

Deepa Malik, a paraplegic, paralyzed from waist down is married and a mom of two. The forty five-year old was consigned to the wheelchair 17 years ago after being operated for a spinal tumor.

She underwent 31 surgical procedures, which was healed after 183 stitches between her waist and legs!!

“I dared to dream and I have determination to work hard and the passion and perseverance to comply with that dream. Women often lose that and I have ensured that my family is not neglected, my children are doing well too – Deepa”

It makes me wonder, how come a person who is a woman, paralyzed, aged, having two daughters, home and social responsibilities and that too in Indian society could dare to do something significant for herself, for her country and actually achieved it. Hats off to her. She believes that the Silver at RIO is the result of being daring adequate to dream significant.

She has crushed all of the motives that most of the time drive us to discontinue following our dreams. Deepa is really a source of inspiration. Her achievement impressively evident that if you dare to dream and work hard towards it, you can make it!

Continuously recall, you have inside you the force, the endurance and the ardor to reach for the stars to change the world!



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