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New YEAR Resolutions Ideas.

New year is around the corner, here are few resolutions tips and ideas to make the coming year better and well-meaning.

  1. Manage to find time for myself.
  2. Learn one of the best lessons, one can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.
  3. No more temporary people in 2017.
  4. I won’t try to be rich, popular, highly educated or perfect… rather I will try to be humble, kind and real.
  5. Stop waste time in explaining myself to others.
  6. Do exercise and get physical fitness.
  7. Learn something new every day, no matter how small or big it is.
  8. Open to learning, unlearn and relearn if necessary.
  9. Don’tregret for what has gone, I will look forward to new opportunities and new people in my life.
  10. Try to make three people smile every day.
  11. I will be my utmost priority. I’m my longest commitment.
  12. Work towards achieving one of my dreams this year.
  13. Explore a new unknown place.
  14. Develop a hobby and spend time on it.
  15. Make at least one new permanent friend.
  16. Stop stressing myself and others for things did not go well.
  17. Stop comparing my journey of life with others.
  18. Respect and love who care for me.
  19. Be truthful to myself and others.
  20. Be stricter with myself.
  21. Stop taking things and people for granted.
  22. Do some unplanned trips.

Please share your resolutions in the comments below.

Wish you all a happy, the healthy new year 2017!!

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A Project Kick-off Meeting!

I have seen many people wondering about a kick-off meeting before the project. They don’t understand that why it is so necessary. They want to just jump in and get going.

Please consider this analogy.

Let us say you want to spend good time with your family at the beach. This is very high level requirement.

What you are going to do, you jump in your car and head out. But wait, you forgot the kids, where is Rahul? So first, get your team together.

Now you start out again … whoops, you forgot the map – you need a plan to get there.

OK, now we can go, but what if we get a flat tire? Do we have a good spare wheel? Don’t you think we need to manage these risks? The answer is yes. Do we have sufficient finance to refuel the vehicle till we reach the destination? We arrive at the lake, but UH-OH, the family wanted to go to the ocean. Were you successful? No. that means we need to alter the budget and re-plan to go to a beach. We need to talk about budget and sponsors before we start our journey.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Who will read the map, who will drive, who will tune the radio? We need team commitment to tasks. What will you do if the forecast says it is raining at your destination? Can you go to a different beach within the time for your vacation? You need change management. Did you remember to bring your cell phone’s charger? If the answer is no and your phone is dead. What is your communication plan? You run into a detour and you are running low on gas. How do you plan to handle issues? And when the kids ask “How soon will we be there?” maybe you need to have a communication plan as well.

It is always recommended to have project kick-off meeting. Get the team together and meet with the stakeholders. Discuss the plan, where you are going and how to get there. Discuss risks and contingencies, communication plans, budgets, issue management. Obtain agreement and commitment.

Then track your progress, stay on the road and have a safe trip.

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