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Internet Bot

The simple definition of Bot is an Internet based software application that executes scripts or tasks automatically. Bot is also known as Internet bot, web robot or WWW robot.

Bots are regularly used on the internet where the emulation of human activity is required. The execution speed of these bots are exceptionally fast, though they perform very simple routine, bots can be implemented where required response speed is much faster than that of humans.

Bots or the conversation agents are rapidly becoming an integral part of  one’s digital life. As a way of interacting with a web application or service, they are as vital as website or a mobile application experience.

Bots programs are intelligent enough to study human behaviour and converse around one’s interests. With the support of multilingual for these programs, handling users from different part of world is not an issue.

Big companies like Facebook and Microsoft are having Bot frameworks associated with their respective messengers. Explore more about bots or start creating your own using this Microsoft Bot Framework or Facebook. The most common examples bots includes weather updates, score update of a sport, News updates like CNN.

Stay tune for more updates on Bots’ latest trends.