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We are a TEAM!

A great relationship needs a great and solid foundation. The foundation must be built with respect, love, sincerity and commitment.

The relation of HUM and TUM is one of the most beautiful relationships. Here is a small conversation between HUM and TUM on the day of their wedding.

I promise to compensate you for whatever you lack. In return I anticipate the identical from you. In the world where no one is perfect, we will balance each other out in all good and bad situations.

Life is going to be full of ups and downs. Nevertheless within the days of any setback just be there with me and have faith on me. I promise we will make a better comeback.

Each time you will have a bad day, I promise you a greater night.

I promise you to keep you motivated all the time to achieve all your dreams. I promise there will not be any space for ego and selfishness between us as long as we care for each other.

Our journey will be vigorous as long as we admire each other and remain consistent.

You don’t need to doubt my loyalty. You hold me tight and I promise I hold us for rest of our life.

I promise to accept all your weakness and provide strengths to your decisions.

We are a TEAM and I am looking forward to have a wonderful companionship with you.

People often say that life changes adversely after marriage, nonetheless it is not the very fact most of the time. The rule of life is very simple, one has to invest first to gain the returns. What I learnt from life is in a relationship one invest more and the other one gains more. The outcomes is not as desired and causing the agony of life time.

Setting up the expectations by showing the commitment to each other gives the positive jump start.

Dedication and not only involvement will brings the fruits you might be looking for.

Please share your views below, until the next thought take care…!

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You are where you’re supposed to be?


Yesterday I read below line somewhere on internet and a thought process triggered in my mind.

You are where you’re supposed to be at this very moment. Every experience is part of God’s divine plan

Most of us will believe that the statement is true however I know few people who denied to agree with this. Does it mean that they don’t believe in the GOD? May be not. They are just not happy with their state of life. Continue reading “You are where you’re supposed to be?”